No, Gloves In A Bottle binds with the outer layer of skin cells and becomes part of the outer layer of skin itself. Once absorbed, it comes off naturally as dead skin cells get sloughed off. Dead skin cells are constantly exfoliating on a microscopic level; Gloves In A Bottle does not interfere with this natural process.

No, Gloves In A Bottle is bonded with the outer layer of skin, so it comes off naturally with the exfoliation process. In fact, Gloves In A Bottle was made to protect against the drying effects of repeated hand washings or high exposure to water and detergents. Doctors, dentists, nurses and other people who need to wash their hands a lot are protected.

Gloves In A Bottle lasts for up to 4 hours or more. After about 4 hours enough skin cells have sloughed off to cause the barrier to break down; for continued protection just reapply. Wash and dry your hands before re-applying.

The outer layer of skin, if functioning properly acts a one way barrier, preventing irritants from coming in but still allowing it to breathe. Irritants, harsh soaps, antibacterial agents, etc., strip the natural oils and moisture from the skin. As a result the skin becomes much more susceptible to even more irritants penetrating it and thus stripping out even more moisture and oils.

Gloves In A Bottle aids the outer layer of skin to perform its intended function. It does this by restoring its natural balance, turning the outer layer of skin into what could be described as an invisible pair of gloves.

Gloves In A Bottle assists damaged skin in preventing moisture robbing irritants from penetrating and helps reduce moisture loss but does not prevent the skin from breathing . In fact it improves it because it helps keep the skin pores from being clogged by pollutants.

If the manufacturer's label on a product states that glove use is required, then you must utilize proper safety protection procedures.

No, Gloves In A Bottle is formulated to help protect the skin from irritants. Anti-bacterial agents can be irritating to some people with sensitive skin. Health Care professionals are required to scrub with anti-bacterial soaps, so Gloves In A Bottle® helps protect against the irritating or drying effects of these soaps.

Yes, first apply Gloves In A Bottle and allow it to dry, it will help protect your hands from chemically treated or fibrous gloves and the resulting moisture irritation.

Yes, but avoid contact with the eyes, same as you would with any other lotion or cosmetic.

Yes, Gloves In A Bottle is non-toxic, and completely safe if ingested in the microscopically small amounts that may come off the hands before drying into the outer layer of skin.

Gloves In A Bottle original formula (with the blue and white cap) does not contain sun block. However, due to customer demand, we now also have a version with sun block. Try our newly formulated Gloves In A Bottle with SPF15, which absorbs rapidly, virtually undetectable and really great for the face.

Gloves In A Bottle contains no known irritating substances, including fragrances, since its purpose is to protect against irritation. Gloves In A Bottle was formulated to be completely hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

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